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We at Community Alliance Church were excited to welcome Pastor Andy Davis and his wife Mandi to the congregation in February of 2017 as well as their son Caleb and daughters Anna and Abigail. Mandi happens to be a a Wisconsin native and Andy was born in Albert Lea MN. Andy graduated with a Bachelor Of Science degree in Youth/Social Science with a minor in Bible from Crown College in 2005. With interests in sports, exercising, reading, philosophy, theology, and apologetics, Andy would be glad to entertain any questions and challenges you may be pondering about the truths in God’s word, the Bible.

What we’d also like to make clear is that Community Alliance Church is an ‘ordinary’ church serving an extraordinary Savior.  We are a normal people that have been rescued and transformed by God’s grace in Jesus Christ.  Each of us came to a point in life where we realized that we weren’t good enough and didn’t have within us what life–and ultimately God–required of us.  And we turn to Jesus Christ for forgiveness, mercy, and sustaining strength day by day.(read more)

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