COVID-19 Special Announcement

The elders of Community Alliance Church have decided to cancel all services for the next two weeks due to the current ban by the governor and the recommendations established by the CDC. There will be no Sunday morning services March 22nd or March 29th. We will reevaluate this ongoing and fast developing situation following these two weeks.


This means any gathering over ten people will not be meeting. While our goal is to protect those who are more vulnerable to COVID-19 in our community, we also want to do what we can to continue investing in you spiritually during this unprecedented circumstance. Therefore, our Growth Groups will continue to meet while using proper precautions. These groups will meet in residential buildings (homes) and not at the church building. Also, we are looking at different options for continuing to provide resources for your nourishment and development even while we cease meeting together for our normal Sunday morning services. Check the church app and Facebook page for these resources.


Those who feel comfortable are encouraged to meet together in small local groups on Sunday mornings for fellowship, prayer, encouragement, and perhaps some Bible study if someone in the group wants to take the lead. Again, these groups should meet in private residences and not exceed ten people and follow the recommendations of the CDC and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

A Servant of Christ,

Pastor Andy